Whether your label is well-established or you are just starting out, Wholesome Gifts is here to help you build your business in a supportive and trusting way.

Here are some FAQ's about selling with Wholesome Gifts;

Do I need to make the products to be able to sell with Wholesome Gifts? No. As long as you can show that your products are made with ethical and environmental integrity and they are great quality, you do not need to be the maker. 

Can I sell on other 'market' websites? Yes. Of course you can. We only want to promote and encourage your brand, not limit it. 

What percentage of the sale does Wholesome Gifts take? Wholesome Gifts works with your wholesale and drop-shipping prices and that amount is your decision. If it doesn't work for us, we'll let you know before we take on your products. 

Do I need product liability insurance? Yes, you are responsible for the safety of your products.

Do I need photos of my products? No. We can do that for you if you send us your products (Conditions apply).

Do I need to have a website? No. We can be your online sales channel and you can use your brand's page to lead customers to your products. For example; www.wholesomegifts.com.au/YOUR BRAND NAME. 

If I prefer not to drop-ship, do you buy my products on commission or outright? Either way works for us.

What if I am only a new business and don't have labels, branding or pricing? As long as you can show us that your products are made according to our ethical and sustainable criteria and you have Product Liability Insurance, that is fine. We are happy to chat with you about pricing and branding ideas and share with you any good contacts we have found along our journey. 

Do my products need to have organic and fair trade Certification? If you are claiming your products to be 'organic' or 'fair trade', then yes. If your products are made using organic, natural or sustainable materials, such as, bamboo, organic cotton, wool or hemp, you will need to show us the fabric receipt or the fabric supplier's website. If you make products using recycled fabrics, that is great and it meets a Wholesome Gifts category, as do ethically-made products when you can show us that ethical, safe and fair working conditions have been used in the making of your products. 

Are there any joining fees? No! 

Are there any contracts? There are no ongoing contracts, however we do ask that you commit to sell with Wholesome Gifts for at least 3 months to cover the time taken to upload and promote your products. 

More from us

Let us take care of the selling and promoting so you can concentrate on being creative.

Wholesome Gifts is looking for unique gifts that inspire creative and thoughtful play, gifts that are fun, fashionable, educational, beautiful and high-quality and gifts that are made with ethical and environmental integrity.

As well as promoting and selling gifts that are popular in the market for all the right reasons, we are secretly hoping to discover and promote talented eco-driven artisans and designers who make wonderful small-scale and one-of-a-kind creations.


If you make or distribute these types of products for babies to teens, we would love you to apply to sell with Wholesome Gifts. To do so, please contact us.

If you are unsure if your product is suitable, please contact us anyway. Encouraging eco-driven artisans and designers and thus the entire eco-friendly industry is our way of contributing to the world.

Once approved to join the Wholesome Gifts seller community, we will take your business under the Wholesome Gifts banner, promote your products and brand and give you our Wholesome Gifts Approved Stamp. This stamp vouches for your ethical and environmental integrity and deems your products to be of high-quality and both aesthetically and texturally beautiful. Yay!